About Us

AUBG Daily has been around for nearly a decade. We are the only independent media on campus. We have had articles which reached thousands of people. We have had people who praised us for our efforts. We have had people who tried to put censorship on our content. But most of all we have, we do, and we will always have a team of creative enthusiastic owlies who are deeply passionate about what they do.

“Owl the news” is not just a catchy phrase. It is our motto for a reason. We put in endless long night hours of effort for one single purpose: to make this world a brighter place, by illustrating and showing people the rainbows and butterflies but also the dark alleys that sometimes surround them. AUBG Daily is the creative spirit of ardent young minds, who aspire to inspire.

Meet our parliament of owls.


Kameliya Stefanova /Producer/ Yoanna Dimitrova /Head of Sponsorship/

 Kameliya Stefanova /Producer/                     Yoanna Dimitrova /Head of Sponsorship/

Steliyana Yordanova /Head of Marketing/      Kristiana Dimitrova /Reporter and Sponsorship/

Victoria Ivanova /Editor and Reporter/           Bilhen Sali /Marketing and Reporter/

Joan Bondakov /Reporter/                              Ruslan Noori /Reporter/

Selbi Shanyyazova /Marketing & Social Media/   Simona Simeonova /Reporter/

Denitsa Yosifova /Reporter/                           Daria Naydenova /Reporter/

Lina Chakarova /Photographer/                     Maria Vasileva /Sponsorship/

Nariman Fadhil /Reporter/                                Klea Muka /Marketing/


Prolet Boneva /Editor/                                       Nikol Peeva /Editor/

Georgi Staykov /President/