CreativX: The New Era of Innovative Video Content

Video content is no longer just a dominant approach to boosting conversion rates and growing engagement, it is purely one of the most effective marketing strategies of our time. 

Why? Because our brains love it. We are wired to remember visual movement much better and faster than text-only content, making video content the optimal strategy to showcase a brand. 

Meet CreativX, the first Bulgarian company which provides video editing specifically for the needs of content creators such as vloggers, bloggers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The team consists of three young entrepreneurs who have always had the idea to start a creative agency and finalized their decision over a dinner in Greece. 

The team of CreativX. Gif created by Rosen Dinchev.

CreativX is one of the many companies which have been founded in the first accelerator initiative in the Balkans - Elevate. Elevate is a mentorship-based program designed to support AUBG students and alumni in starting their own businesses by providing them with cross-discipline workshops, one-on-one consultations with successful entrepreneurs, and funding of $5,000 per team as startup capital. 

The team will take part in this year’s Demo Day on April 15, where the participating teams will be showcasing their prototypes and pitching their ideas to investors, mentors, enthusiasts, and the AUBG community. 

Rosen Dinchev, Snezhana (Zhana) Miteva, and Petar Petrov are the three founders. Since they were never truly able to find an agency to work for which encompassed all of their core values, they decided to create their own. 

Zhana, Head of Communication and Creative Direction, shared more about the current vision of the company.

“We strive to become a leader for outsourcing the production of video content in Bulgaria but we also target foreign customers as well. We want to create a place where young and talented people [video editors] would choose to come and work no matter their location, education, social background, etc. We care about their skills and passion,” she says.

Zhana Miteva. Photo taken by Rosen Dinchev.
Attention to their clients’ brand identities and values is one of the most important aspects of their work. 

“One of CreativX’s core values is trust. Unlike most video production companies, we aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients, rather than one-time projects. What we offer is high-quality content, quick turnaround and smooth communication during the creative process,” says Peter, the Head of Strategic Growth.

The creative process can be demanding, but meaningful to say the least. Rosen, CEO and Head of Video Production, mentions that client work can have some unexpected turnouts.

“All of our clients’ work is interesting since it’s all quite diverse and different, with lot’s of various challenges, but recently we had an idea of shooting an entire promo video for a client, only with a phone camera. It was challenging, since we wanted to mix close-ups with wider shots, as well as slow motion and fast-paced scenes all in one video. It turned out better than we could have imagined and just serves to prove that you don’t need expensive tech to get great results online nowadays,” Rosen says.

Petar Petrov. Photo taken by Nikol Peeva.
Their focus is on high-quality video content, as it has proven itself to be more useful and impactful than photo-based content. “Recent studies show that 5 million years of video content are expected to cross the internet only in 2021. We always advise that businesses should start investing in video content to stay relevant. By using videos, you can convey your message much better, the chances that the audience will understand it and engage with it are higher,” Zhana says. 

Video content has been increasingly popular in the past few years, and will only continue to boost in popularity especially due to the appearance of TikTok alongside well established platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Many brands have been discovered and spread through TikTok, and it continues to be a credible source of marketing for many. 

Rosen Dinchev. Photo taken by Zhana Miteva.
One difficulty when it comes to creating video content is making sure that it can be tailored to clients from all types of industries.

“I’d like to think that the main edge we have is our knack for knowing what different creators and clients need for their brands/channels. Admittedly, all three of us spend a decent amount of our spare time watching content from different niches. Whether it’s fashion or sports, gaming or lifestyle-related, we have a person on our team who is competent enough to know what viewers in that niche look for and how they interact with the content they watch,” Rosen says.

The team has a lot of fun working together, especially when they can take a simple car ride and turn it into a brainstorming session for a future concept. Working together is a breeze for them as everything happens quickly and naturally.

“Being able to work with a group of friends is always quite fun,” Rosen says.

If you would like to learn more about CreativX or the other participating teams in this year's accelerator program, feel free to visit Elevate’s website.

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