First Finals vs. Final Finals

Finals are coming. The time of intense studying, finishing research papers, completing projects, and pulling all-nighters is upon the AUBG students. The last day of lectures for the Fall semester will be on Thursday, Dec. 14. There are some important changes in terms of residence life in the dormitories. The new rules will be in effect starting Friday, Dec. 15. The quiet hours policy will be in force 24 hours per day and will last until check-out time. The regulation means that during finals week students will have to stay quiet throughout the entire day, not only during the time frames that are valid during the rest of the academic year. Another rule stipulates that parties are prohibited in the yards or premises of any of the Skaptopara buildings. The Residence Life and Housing team sent an email to all students on Monday, Dec. 11 with additional details. What is more, there are some mandatory activities each student must do before checking out and leaving for the winter holiday. Those are:

  • Unplug all electrical appliances, apart from the refrigerators (which must be cleaned)
  • Remove all kinds of foods that may go bad (basically everything with a short expiration date)
  • Turn off all the lights in the room
  • Make sure that there is no water running in the bathroom
  • Close all windows and take out the trash

Residence Hall staff will be checking the rooms for health and safety inspection during the break. This semester AUBG became a home for a new group of first-year students and will be saying goodbye to a number of graduating fourth-year students. Let us take a look at how students prepare for their first finals in contrast to students preparing for their last finals.

Meet Leman Pehlivanova, a first-year student at AUBG.

Leman Pehlivanova, a first-year student, photo courtesy of Georgi Staykov

How do you feel prior to your first finals?

I feel kind of nervous because this is my first finals week and because I am not sure how to organize my time to prepare well enough for everything.

How do you prepare for the exams?

First of all, I try to stay awake and then come up with effective ideas how to deal with all exams in such a short time. For example, I arrange the subjects according to importance and significance towards my intended major, and the time needed for preparation.

How do you deal with the uneasiness?

I am sort of used to it because of high-school and the tension in the twelfth grade. I try to keep calm and concentrate on what I have to do, not how to do it.

Do you have any valuable tips for other students?

Try to fight procrastination and do not postpone the things you have to do today for tomorrow. Keep yourself hydrated and well-fed in order to have energy.

Do you think you will one day miss all of this when your university journey is over?

Partially, yes. Along with the intense studying process, I also make friends and have the opportunity to prove to myself that I can overcome any challenges that I face.

Meet Tihomir Dimitrov, a fourth-year student at AUBG.

Tihomir Dimitrov, a fourth-year student, photo courtesy of Dimitar Bratovanov

How do you feel prior to your final finals?

Strange, in general, because it is the last time. At the same time, I feel excited because it is almost over. I have two finals, two papers, and two presentations to complete. Six courses for a final semester feels good.

How do you prepare for the exams?

I try to study for each exam at least two days prior to it. I usually start papers a week before the deadline at most, and presentations – a couple of days prior, as well.

How do you deal with the uneasiness?

I used to feel tension in the past. Now – not that much. I used to deal with it by listening to music.

Do you have any valuable tips for other students?

Finals do not decide your life. Trust me on this. They are meant to asses but their importance is not everything. Knowledge is more important than grades.

Will you miss the whole thing when you graduate?

Yes, definitely. Not the finals themselves but the emotions that surround them. Pairing up with people and studying in the lobbies. During finals week everything is different.

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