A Dog’s Best Friend


It is not easy to give to others. To give without expecting anything in return. Boiko Grencke, the person behind the dog shelter Oscar and Lora in Blagoevgrad, has been saving stray animals from the streets for years. His little self-built shelter is located in Zelendol, a small village close to Blagoevgrad. On Feb. 25, 2020, the landowner told him that he can no longer use the terrain. That he has to move his center.

 Boiko has been through a lot of hardships. He was abandoned twice – first by his biological mother and then by his adopters – American citizens who left him right after signing the documents. They only thing they gave him was the surname Grencke. He did not have a family. That is why he created one. For the stray dogs which share a similar fate. Forgotten by many but not by all.

Boiko Grencke with one of his dogs. Photo courtesy of Boiko Grencke



The Center for deprived animals is established and run solely by Boiko. It was named after his first dogs – Oscar and Lora which are still living with him in his house in Blagoevgrad. His dog shelter has been operating for years relying on donations and volunteers. Most of the houses were built by Boiko himself. He goes to the shelter every single day, sometimes with other volunteers, sometimes alone, but never without love and affection for the animals. “I gather energy whenever I am with the dogs," Boiko says. "They are my family.”

Jeff, one of the dogs in Center Oscar and Lora. Lina Chakarova for AUBG Daily


The land, on which the shelter is located, is not Boiko’s property - an animal food merchandiser given to him temporarily. Now, he has to find a new place to accommodate the dogs, the money to make this possible, and the people who will help him rebuild the shelter. A possible terrain situated near the village of Logodazh is what Boiko is hoping for. He needs more than 6000 Euro for the land and the fence around it. He does not have this sum.

The dog shelter in Zelendol. Lina Chakarova for AUBG Daily

Despite the threat which the whole world is facing because of the spread of COVID-19, Boiko has not given up on his dogs. He still travels daily to the shelter to visit his furry friends. “It is hard. At the moment, hardly anyone is supporting us because everyone is scared. I believe that we should not be stressed, we will survive in these hard times. And we have to survive, we and the animals. Nature has first created the animals, then us - the people”, Boiko says.

The current state of affairs is a challenge to all of us. We question ourselves and our values. We wonder what is really important. Boiko finds the strength within him to keep going. To save lives and make a change. Can you?

Because a dog is a man’s best friend. In this case, Boiko is the dog’s best friend.


Donate or volunteer on:

https://www.dogshelterbg.com/en/ - Official website

https://bg.helpkarma.com/campaign/new-place-for-our-dogs-1144 - Campaign for the new terrain on Helpkarma.com






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