AUBG's Development Office Going International: Scholarships Crowdfunding Campaign

On Dec. 3, the AUBG Development Office launched their second crowdfunding campaign. The aim remains the same – raising funds for scholarships for prospective students. This time, however, the Development Office is going international.

Nadezhda Boboshevska, Development Coordinator, explained that the team has a specific target set and they are committing all their efforts to reach that target.

“We want to raise enough money for 10 partial scholarships, $2500 each,” Boboshevska said.

From left to right: Nadejda Michkova, Nadezhda Boboshevska, Alexandra Zasheva, Zoya Anakieva. Photo by AUBG's Development Office.

The campaign has been officially launched on the GlobalGiving platform. GlobalGiving is a nonprofit organization that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world. The duration of AUBG’s campaign will be from Dec. 3 to Feb. 29.

The Development Office sent out separate messages to all AUBG constituency groups: alumni, faculty and staff, board members and the university council. The 10 partial scholarships will be for prospective international students from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia and Ukraine.

AUBG Students on campus. Photo by AUBG's Office of Marketing and Communication.

On the day the crowdfunding campaign was launched, AUBG participated in a charity initiative organized by GlobalGiving. Every donation that was raised by the morning of Dec. 4 was matched by GlobalGiving.

AUBG’s initiative seems to be enjoying positive feedback from the people who decided to participate and donate. Read what some of them shared:

“I am very grateful to AUBG for opening so many doors for me. Others like me deserve to have the excellent education I had. Thank you,” Diliana Angelova, class of 1995, said.

“AUBG has given me so much and it's only fair for me to give back and help other students get the experience I had,” Tsvetiana Zaharieva, class of 2017, said.

AUBG Students at the ABF Lawn. AUBG's Office of Marketing and Communication.

Boboshevska said that raising the money is of utmost importance since this will enhance AUBG’s international reach.

“Helping international students has always been on our agenda. It is difficult, but we, at the Development Office, have never been afraid of difficult. All we want is to help kids get the chance for a brighter future,” Boboshevska added.

There are more than two months remaining until the campaign is over, but people are already enthusiastic about it.

“Donating to education for these international students is a good cause and education opportunity is something they deserve. And I enjoyed meeting the AUBG people at the Pirin Golf course in October,” Dave Hanavan, a friend of AUBG, said.

The news about the campaign has reached not only the alumni circle of those who graduated in Blagoevgrad, but also the Executive MBA (EMBA) graduates.

Evelina Van Mensel, EMBA Class of 2016. Photo by Evelina Van Mensel.

“AUBG changed my life and I want to help others experience this amazing opportunity,” Evelina Van Mensel, EMBA class of 2016, said.

The Development Office has also reported that there are many people who have already donated and supported the cause but are not connected to the university.

“I believe in giving,” Sasho Boyadjiev, an external donor, said.

There are different donation options: one-day, three-day, weekly, monthly, partial one semester, and partial one academic year amounts that can be donated. There is also a custom option on the website that allows people to donate as much as they want. People can also make their donations monthly subscriptions. If they do that, GlobalGiving would match their donation.

The Development Office creates weekly updates on how the campaign is going. As of last week, they have raised $6,942, including the matching gift from GlobalGiving, from 38 unique donors.

Graduating AUBG Students. Photo by AUBG's Office of Marketing and Communication.

“We hope we will be able to complete the campaign even before the end of February. We wish everyone happy holidays and we cannot wait to meet the students who will come to AUBG thanks to the money we raise,” Boboshevska said.


This is article is sponsored by AUBG's Development Office.

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