Challenging Wednesdays: Dodgeball Madness

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, AUBG Olympics organized their traditional “Challenging Wednesday” in the ABF Sports Hall. This time it was the Dodgeball game, in which nine different teams participated. The event went under the slogan “Don’t get splashed!”

The audience gathering for the Dodgeball game; photo by Steliyana Yordanova

This semester AUBG Olympics will introduce new activities. On Nov. 24 there will be another Challenging Wednesday, but this time students will play basketball. The club will hold the Skill Challenge on Nov. 28 in the ABF Sports Hall. AUBG Olympics will organize Baseball workshop on Dec. 5.

Before the event started, the teams had a chance to warm up by throwing the ball into the basket and playing with a volleyball ball. Also, the club members distributed the leaflets with the number for the subsequent lottery.

The second before the whistle; photo by Steliyana Yordanova

“It is pretty interesting to watch,” noted Mariya Khomenko, a first-year student from Kazakhstan. “Different teams compete with each other. I am very excited about who is going to win.”

Photo by Steliyana Yordanova

Photo by Steliyana Yordanova

Photo by Steliyana Yordanova

The judge timing the game; photo by Steliyana Yordanova

Three teams reached the final of the game. The Dodgeball Challenge lasted until midnight, and after all games were played, places were distributed as follows:

1st place – Zheko i priyateli (Zheko and friends)

Zheko Stoykov

Georgi Donchev

Dobromir Dobrev

Andrea Shipkovensky

Pavel Petkov

Kristina Kukoleva

2nd place – Catch it if you can

Zhan Ilyov

Hristo Vasilev

Petar Petrov

Radoslav Ferdov

Mari Vardanyan

Krum Zahariev

3rd place – Topcho

Aleksandra Kisova

Nikolay Pohlupkov

Desislava Lozanova

Georgi Staykov

Dobrin Kalev

Stavri Stavrov

The winners on the podium; photo by Steliyana Yordanova

“AUBG Olympics is one of the oldest clubs on campus,” said Nikolay Pohlupkov, the president of the club, “We maintain the tradition of Challenging Wednesdays through conducting it every semester.”

The members of AUBG Olympics club; photo credits to Kristiyan Dimov


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