Live La Dolce Vita in Rimini, Italy

Italy - an eternal muse for poets, a weakness for the ones passionate about Renaissance architecture, and an escape for those who are tired of the present. Somewhere along the East Coast, with its blooming mountains and sunny shores, there is a town called Rimini. It’s located along the Riviera del Sole of the Adriatic Sea, just northeast of the Republic of San Marino. When planning for your next adventure, Rimini offers a never-ending seafront, covered with colored umbrellas as far as your eyes can see.

Although the town is famous for its beaches and festive vibes, visitors will discover that it’s also a historic city with a rich past. It was created in prehistoric times and the remains from the Romans can still be seen today. Walking around the city center, visitors can discover the Arco di Augusto, the oldest Roman arch in northern Italy. It was built in honor of the victories of the Roman emperor.

The Arch of Augustus, Rimini, Italy. Photo courtesy of Carole Raddato; photo derived from


Not far away from the arch, one can visit the Tempio Malatestiano. It is one of the first religious buildings converted from the Gothic-style Church of San Francesco according to the plans of the Early Renaissance architect, Leon Battista Alberti. Along the two main squares – Piazza Cavour and Piazza Tre Martiri, those exploring the town can experience the local atmosphere. A sea of people of all ages and ethnicities fills the streets with enjoyment. 

When in Rimini, a must-see stop is the historic center of San Marino, which is only 22 kilometers from the city center. Being one of the smallest countries in the world, San Marino shows that size doesn’t matter. Travelers can take a walk starting from the souvenir shops, to the breathtaking fortress that sits aloft a mountain – and finally, have dinner at Righi, a restaurant located on Liberty square.

Traveling back to Rimini, visitors can check out the famous park Italia in Miniature appreciated by both adults and children. The water cannons in the castle provide fun entertainment, where guests can easily waste hours playing with their friends and family.

The Este Castle in Ferrara, Italia in Miniature. Simona Simeonova for AUBG Daily.

Rimini is also home to Italy’s oldest civic library – Biblioteca Civica Gambalunga. It includes some of the oldest books printed in Italy, most of which contain iconographic and documentary texts. The collections are a mixture of rare books, codices, prints, and periodicals. The interior is similar to the traditional research libraries. Readers can sit anywhere and quietly enjoy a nice book.

Travelers who are passionate about cinema would also be interested in Cinema Fulgor, where in 1926 the famous film director Fellini saw his first film “Masciste all’inferno” (“Maciste in Hell”). 

On the days when one doesn’t feel like exploring, but rather prefers to lay on the beach, with a book in one hand and Mojito in the other, Rimini offers a sandy coastline spanning 15 kilometers. During the day, Italian music comes from all directions along the beach, uplifting the holiday mood. People often play sports like table tennis or volleyball, and they’re more than happy to welcome yet another player.

Rimini's coastline at sunset. Simona Simeonova for AUBG Daily.

Rimini offers many dining options, everything from pizza to seafood and of course – pasta, is served. At the end of the day, if a visitor doesn’t feel like sleeping, they can either go to a street bar with Italian music, where people dance on the street, sometimes even barefoot, or to a club where the nightlife is full of energy.

Although summer vacation might seem far away, visitors could always go to Rimini in the winter, when the festival Notte Rosa offers good music, dancing, and a number of other entertaining activities. Play some old Toto Cutugno – “L’Italiano” and get in the mood for an amazing adventure.

Rimini sightseeing map. Created by Simona Simeonova.

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