War in Ukraine Update #5



Over 100,000 refugees have entered Bulgaria from Ukraine. Around 200,000 Bulgarian jobs are expected to be available to refugees. Refugees can apply for temporary protection at the Interior Ministry regional office in Blagoevgrad. 


The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry supports the EUkraine group that is pushing for Ukraine – and Moldova and Georgia – to quickly join the EU. 


Bulgaria had outsourced the maintenance of its MiG-29 fighter jets – its only fighter jets until 2030 when Bulgaria's F-16s will be fully operational – to Russia in years past and is now in talks to transfer the maintenance to Poland. “MiG-29 fighters cannot be repaired in Russia and it is a ludicrous idea to send the machines there,” Bulgarian President Petkov said.


Russian mines around Odesa have gone adrift and have spiked fears among Black Sea sailors. Bulgarian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Kiril Mihailov believes that the threat is not major but there is some risk. The mines are unlikely to reach Bulgarian shores




Russia has stalled its advance into Ukraine. The Ukrainian government even claims they have exercised some counterattacks against Russia in the outskirts of Kyiv, even recapturing a nearby town that now flies the Ukrainian flag again.


Photojournalist Max Levin has gone missing on the front line outside Kyiv. A full detailed account of journalists that have been killed, injured, kidnapped, imprisoned, and assaulted is compiled on the Reporters Without Borders website.  


A wildfire near Chernobyl increases fears of radioactive smoke being spread throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries. 


Russian Lawyer and Putin’s political opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to nine years in prison under an obscure censorship law. 


Biden heads to Europe to meet with EU and NATO members. NATO will be sending nuclear and biological protection gear to Ukraine as western intelligence expects Russia to use biological weapons to gain traction on their stalled campaign. Additionally, NATO will be doubling its forces on its eastern flank


Over 10,000 hospital beds will be available to Ukrainian refugees in the EU.


Russia will make “unfriendly” countries pay for Russian oil and gas in rubles.




This is not a comprehensive list of everything that has happened, just key highlights. As we are covering the war in real-time, some information may not be accurate by the time of reading and other events may have already happened. 

Please reference AUBG Daily’s Ukraine Sources Page to dive deeper. AUBG Daily will be providing biweekly updates on the war.

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