The AUBG Newspapers Throughout the Years

You take a seat on the couch. Put your coffee on the table and open the AUBG Daily newspaper. As you read through the first page you start to remember. How did this all begin?

Taking a step back, all the way to 1992 when the first newspaper at the American University in Bulgaria was printed. Aspecter was released on Nov. 16, 1992, and copies of the newspaper can still be found on the AUBG Library’s Digital collection. This new media channel carved the path for all the future newsletters and newspapers yet to come. Aspecter was printed in English and Bulgarian, as it was sold to people on and off-campus. The newspaper reflected on issues both in the university community and the town of Blagoevgrad. Aspecter also had a unique way of financing its issues. The newspaper was open to publishing ads from clubs in the university and outside businesses.

Aspecter newspaper - AUBG Library archives

Following in its footsteps, two years later the Student Government published the Agora News, which is the predecessor of the SG emails we receive every week. The newsletter was printed only in English and reflected the academic and administrative problems with the university. It followed every meeting of the leadership by doing a summarized description of them.

Next on the list is the Independent Student press  – Vox. It started in 1998 and continued to print untill 2002. Vox followed more the life of the community. They were the first newspaper in the university to publish an issue based only on a single club and its activity – the 1998 Broadway issue.

During the following years, students started to create more and more news channels. One of them was Flash News, which was the first online news publication. It was published in September 1999, allowing students to post their stories on a platform on the Internet. DeFacto and I-View were two other publications created by students between 1998 -2002. With the entry of the Internet, some students moved their news channels fully online, and so The Purple and AUBG Bubble were born. These two channels broadcasted the first digital interviews made by the journalism students at AUBG.

Fast-forward to 2004, AUBG got its own magazine. Verve was created as a way for students to be able to speak freely on various topics. The magazine was the first to feature a photo story and gossip columns that described life in the Skaptopara residence hall.

Last on the list is a collaboration created by the AUBG Daily club and the DeFacto club. The Griffins News, or as we know it today, AUBG Daily, was the brainchild of the two newspaper clubs. Despite the financial issues they faced in their first semester of printing, The Griffins News set the path for how our newspaper looks like today. The newspaper focused mainly on the controversial issues that were happening both in AUBG and the world around it, helping the students to learn more and opening their eyes to the amazing possibility of having their own work printed in the newspaper.

AUBG Daily - AUBG Daily archives

Now, look back at the pages of the AUBG Daily newspaper, happy, as you remember all the great newspapers that preceeded it. 

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