A Look behind the Curtains of the Musical Cabaret

Nearly two years have passed since the COVID-19 outbreak started, and in those two years, the Broadway Performance Club (BPC) has not been able to perform musicals. In the 2021/2022 academic year, BPC has planned to break the two-year streak of no performances with the musical Cabaret, directed by Boris Dechev, a senior student at AUBG. There is no specific date yet, but it is expected to premiere at the end of March/beginning of April, 2022.

The music for Cabaret was written by John Kander, the lyrics by Fred Ebb, and the book by Joe Masteroff in 1966. It was adapted from the "I Am a Camera" play by John Van Druten. The story is set in the 1930s in Berlin, Germany, as the Nazis rise into power. The action takes place in the Kit Kat nightclub. As a period of change in a social, political, and cultural way, the musical shows how people turn to the underground nightlife as an escape, which usually involved much prostitution. 

"It is specifically about how we as people, sometimes instead of confronting the issue at hand, doing something about it, and fighting for what is right and what is meaningful for us. We instead do not do anything and ignore the problem because we think it is going to solve itself, but in the end, it does not," Boris says.

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