Mental Health at AUBG

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic many people have started experiencing mental health issues. It seems that we cannot catch a break. The Fall 2021 semester at AUBG was supposed to be the beginning of the return to normalcy. And in a sense it was. Lectures could be attended on-ground and student clubs could hold their events in-person, albeit with the requirement of a green certificate. Students should have felt the spirit of AUBG once again, but this was not the case. For many, this has been the toughest semester they have ever had to endure. Still, some of the mental health concerns among students date back even before the pandemic started.

Sabina Wien, the Dean of Students, said that AUBG can always do better in its promotion of mental health. She believes that students should voice their concerns if they are not happy with something - if they do not speak up it will lead to more mental health issues.

While some students have acknowledged the efforts of the Psychology club in relation to raising awareness about mental health, they think that the university as an institution is not doing enough. Here is what some of them had to say (responses are kept anonymous per students' wishes).

“I honestly found out that there is a psychologist this semester. There is a wide room for improvement. I do not feel as if AUBG is truly supporting my positive mental state.”

Another student added “I don't think the university is doing anything to promote mental health. I've never seen a campaign, or informational posters or any piece of information about how students can deal with mental health.”

Rayna Tuzlukova-Vetsova is the only psychologist of the university, which is not enough for an institution the size of AUBG. Before the pandemic, there were peer counselors who helped out. Both Dean Wien and Prof. Harvey, Assistant Professor of Psychology at AUBG, mentioned them, noting that they were trained to talk to undergraduates. Some students are not sure whether the psychologist can help them if they are in need of professional help.

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