AUBG Clubs - an Inspiration for Change at the American University of Rome

Learning, growing, and having fun together – the student clubs of the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) are the heart of it all. The clubs rise the curiosity of everyone who gets the chance to hear about them, just like they caught the eye of Finn Perelstein.

Finn, a sophomore student at the American University of Rome (AUR), visited the AUBG campus last semester and came back to his home university inspired by the AUBG community.

“It was eye-opening - that student life charisma of AUBG, everybody was so involved in the clubs, and so involved with the things they were doing at the university,” Finn said.

Finn Perelstein. Provided by Finn Perelstein.

After his trip to AUBG, he decided that he would like to implement this student club culture in his own university. Finn decided to run for president of the Student government of his university with the idea to help AUR get the student life he saw at AUBG.

“I got very inspired after I came from Bulgaria, and I saw how these clubs were functioning, and I saw how much they meant to students,” Finn said.

AUBG clubs. Photo derived from

Finn is double majoring in International relations and Film and Theater studies. He is highly involved in the AUR's extracurricular activities. He is part of three different clubs – the International Relations Club, the Media Club, and the LGBTQ+ support group.

He shared that there are around 500 students enrolled at AUR, and he really enjoys the atmosphere of the small university because of the “enveloping community”. He is now motivated to take what he saw at AUBG, and apply it to his own university, to make it even more appealing.

“I loved how AUBG has a culture that extends outside of just the classroom,” Finn said, “people were always on campus just hanging out. I spent most of the time I was in Bulgaria next to the café just hanging out. It was a very social atmosphere.”

During his visit, he got the chance to watch the performance of one of AUBG’s clubs – More Honors. He expressed how amazed he was by the professionalism and the spirit he sensed while watching it.

“I got to really see that these kids are really dedicated to this extracurricular thing, that they are learning all of the practical skills that they might be talking about in the classroom, they are really applying those skills, and they are having a blast doing it,” Finn said.

Apart from his mission to enrich the student club life at AUR, as a president of the student government, he is also planning to increase students' health care and organize a big event – a Masquerade ball for all students.

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