Tiny dresses, a little bling and the “talents” of Miss AUBG

Written on:April 5, 2012
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I almost balked when I first heard about the Miss AUBG Beauty Pageant.  To be honest, I’ve grown up questioning who in their right mind would slip on those God awful heels and parade on stage with a smile plastered on their face.  I don’t like the attention on me so that could probably explain why….

Friday was the big day and I was actually excited to go.  I had never been to a beauty pageant before; I had only seen the Miss U.S.A pageants and that addictive, I’m embarrassed to say, show Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC.  I just feel SO much better about my life after watching that show and how grateful I am my mom wasn’t a crazy stage mom.  Here are some clips just to get an idea what I’m talking about:

Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC

Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC

This child is absolutely crazy and all because of her mom and the “special juice”


And all I can say about this clip is that it I’m petrified to have kids now


Now I really don’t think beauty pageant contestants are stupid.  I know and met a few girls from the Miss AUBG pageant who I know are extremely smart.  Unfortunately, the misconception is that they only know how to walk in heels and hope for world peace.  Check out this poor girl from the Miss Teen U.S.A pageant in 2007:


So there you go.  This is all I have been exposed to on the subject of beauty pageants.  Can you blame me for being skeptical?  I went to the pageant with an open mind to try to demolish the preconceived notions I had towards beauty pageants.  Sure it was entertaining, but also a little ridiculous in some aspects.  Grazing the crowd, I witnessed utter confusion and comments such as “they call that dancing?” and critiques of each girls’ style as if they were Tim Gunn or Michael Khors.

From a photoshoot of a pageant contestant

One thing I did notice: the contestants were having fun.  Maybe they really weren’t and instead forced a smile, but I could tell when some of them were showing their talents or modeling an outfit accessorized in gems and sparkles they were glowing.  They actually liked the spotlight and the rush they felt from the cheers of the crowd supporting them.  If it makes them happy, why scrutinize them for doing what they love?

I might never be a pageant queen (actually I know I won’t), but I can accept the fact another young woman does.

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