The newly established Math and Eco club

Written on:March 19, 2012
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Adeliada Mehmetaj, President of the Math and Eco Club

A new club will soon give its contribution to the students of AUBG. The Math and Eco club is currently under the final steps of its creation. Founded by students Adeliada Mehmetaj, Eralda Rushiti, Kristi Pango, and with the backing of professor Tamara Todorova the club will help students present individual work and learn about interesting topics in both fields. The club is open to everyone but priority in different offices goes to Math and Eco majors since one of its goals is the preparation of teams for various Olympiads in those fields. For now a preliminary structure consists of the President: Adeliada Mehmetaj, Vice President/ PR: Eralda Rushiti, the website team: TBA, Olympiad teams: TBA and the Financial Office: TBA.

“The structure of the club will be open to suggestions from all its members after the official establishment of the initial teams. This will make the club flexible and open to positive change which we hope will make it more engaging and help it develop faster,” says Eralda Rushiti.

The council evaluating the applications of membership will consist of the three founding students along with professor Todorova. The latter gave us a comprehensive insight of the club’s ideas and goals:

“It [the club] is aimed to popularize the subject of mathematical economics which many students find intimidatingly hard. We are trying to show that mathematics can be a pleasant and meaningful subject especially when it comes to real life applications. Both theoretical and practical aspects will be dealt with. We discussed several possible activities or initiatives of the club. It could organize brief research seminars for students where they can present the results of their own research and discuss among themselves. Thus, the club will expand student knowledge and add to student preparation when it comes to the state examination or the senior thesis.”

When asked what does she hope to achieve with the new club, President A. Mehmetaj answered:

“What I didn’t find in other groups, [i.e.] practical application of mathematics in economics. We hope that the club will grow to be a fun and creative environment — one which students can use to present individual work or compete with each-other.”

Olympiad preparation along with lectures, mostly from students, will be the core of the club activities.

Prof. Todorova, Faculty Advisor to the Math and Eco Club

However, ambitious goals such as international conferences and partnerships with various schools and clubs are being seriously considered in these early stages.

“One of the primary advantages that East European students have over the rest of the world is their knowledge of mathematics, good logical skills and technical apparatus. [...] We are trying to enhance this comparative advantage still further and give an impetus to our graduates so that they succeed in their careers,” Professor Todorova said.

The club is scheduled to be operative hopefully from the beginning of next week, Monday, March 26.

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