The First Robot of The Engineering Club Presented to AUBG Students

Written on:April 18, 2012
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Spartak Grigoryev, Engineering Club President

The robot named ”Pesho” (his full name is ”Pesho the Guard”) – product of the Engineering Club’s one month of work was presented today in the Skaptopara 2 Main Lobby, gathering a number of curious spectators.

Kamil Valiev, Engineering Club member

The story of the name of the robot is rather unusual. At one of the regular Engineering Club meetings, all the team members lost track of time and stayed at BAC after hours. Since, if they wanted to come out after the official BAC working hours, they would have had to go directly to the police, they thought they had better stay there until the morning. ”Half of the robot was ready after that night.” said Spartak Grigoryev, the Engineering Club’s president. A guard came at midnight and let them out, his name was Pesho and they decided to give that same name to the robot in his honor.

”Working on the robot was so much fun, even though most of us did not really know anything about programming just yet. Right now I know how to program every part of it and it’s really cool.” said Sindi Shkodrani, a member of the Engineering Club.

The Club president Grigoryev gave a start to the show with a brief explanation of the robot’s structure and parameters. He said it only uses 5 motors, and all the other functions are based on pure mechanics. The programming involved was very basic and yet necessary to help the robot detect certain objects at a certain distance and to protect itself from objects on its way.

”Initially, we thought of making the back part movable too, but we did not have enough motors, so we had to use more creativity. It is actually made from a beer bottle. We just had to cut it and flatten it a little bit. ”

The club members also used basket handles for the handles of the robot itself and some other crafty devices to enhance some of the more complicated functions of their creation.




A demonstration followed and every single person could try the robot’s performance. It was easy to use since the remote control was the regular used in Play Station. The audience had fun trying to pick up a tennis ball and a toilet paper roll from different surfaces.

Grigoryev said that the club will continue functioning the next year, as they will try to construct a second robot and maybe even organize a competition between them, but ”guys, there will be no robot fights.”


Photos and video by Vasil Sariev


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