The Creep

Written on:February 24, 2012
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He is one of those people that are being easily noticed because of their weirdness. To the common eye, he is “that shady werewolf man that floats around Skapto 1”, but when he is at his best, he is “Paperface” or “The Creep”. These are stage names he goes by when exercising his talent – playing the guitar.

“V”, as he would like to be known when he’s not performing, came here as an ELI student from the US, although he is originally from Armenia. He makes his own music and he has a number of solo albums in the style of what he calls “psycho metal”. His newest project is being recorded right now from his room here in AUBG.

There is no particular reason for him to wear his shades all the time, in case you’re wondering. When asked about it he said it was some kind of Obsessive Disorder and added that “In the 30s girls couldn’t wear pants”.

For those interested in checking out his music, you can visit V’s lair using the link below.


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