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A Note From AUBG Daily’s Former President


As the AUBG community starts the new semester, read some last words from AUBG Daily's ex-President, Zora Gouhary.

A Special Blitz Featuring AUBG Daily Members Vol. 3


The last Senior Blitz with members of AUBG Daily features the executive team of the club for the ending academic year. What is their legacy to AUBG and the club?

It Is Time To Say Goodbye, One Special Senior Blitz

Photo From http://www.clipartpanda.com/

One last time our Senior Blitz is here! Say goodbye with us to the three amazing ladies who led AUBG Daily throughout the last year!

Senior Blitz Vol.3


Once again a couple of amazing seniors shared their thoughts on AUBG and on pretty much everything else!

One More Term For Provost Sullivan

Provost Sullivan During the Honors Convocation

Provost Steve Sullivan announced that he will be holding his position for one more year.

Olympics: Grand Opening Ceremony


The Olympics crew organized the first Grand Opening Ceremony to celebrate the 10th birthday of the club.

Senior Blitz Vol.2


Three more awesome seniors took part in our Senior Blitz! Find out who they are and what they said!

Daily Rage Vol. 5: Struma.bg


Learn more about how Struma.bg "borrowed" a story from AUBG Daily.

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