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Envisioning a Book in a Dream: “The Shadow Land” by Elizabeth Kostova


"The Shadow Land", Elizabeth Kostova's newest novel, comes to AUBG. Learn more about the author's inspiration, writing process and creative challenges and find out an extraordinary way to come up with a book plot.

The Unfinished Steps of Professor Filitsa Mullen


AUBG faculty and students celebrate the life of Prof. Filitsa Mullen, who passed away in June 2017 after a courageous fight with cancer.

Zachary Karabashliev Тakes AUBG on a Poetic Road Trip


Four years have passed since AUBG Daily wrote about the famous Bulgarian author Zachary Karabashliev, who was then a guest speaker at the university. AUBG now welcomes him one more time for a talk with the students and the community.

A Professor’s Passion for Journalism


Ronald Wiginton, a professor with a diverse background and various hobbies, is the new addition to the JMC department at AUBG.

Is Blue Lipstick a Taboo?


A girl who collects nail polishes, wears black and blue lipstick and prefers skirts to pants. Meet Luna now, because she is soon to leave AUBG and you don't have much time left.

Great Internship Opportunities for JMC Majors


Three-month unpaid trainee programs give JMC majors a real-world journalism experience

Inside JMC Rocks


JMC Rocks presidents Kseniya Linnikova and Maria Kucheryavaya in a Q&A session about the latest news around their club.

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