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The Faces Behind the War – “Mortal Men, Immortal Warriors”


After two years of London and his team’s cumulative effort, the book “Mortal Men, Immortal Warriors” made its way to the book market on Apr.30, 2018, introducing its readers one different face of war. Learn more with AUBG Daily.

Working for the International Committee of the Red Cross


A representative from the world's oldest humanitarian organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, pays a visit to AUBG to offer various job opportunities. Learn how an ICRC employee can help ease the suffering of people in times of

Historical Records on the Skin

DSC_0072 - копия

Learn about the meaning of Steven London's tattoos and the inspiration behind them.

Jordan’s Fight Against ISIL


Jordan declares war on ISIL after the death of a Jordanian pilot, who was burned alive.



This Monday, Nov. 24, AUBG Documentary Movie club carried a piece of brass music to AUBG with the screening of Brasslands.

From the Army to AUBG

Steven London3

Steven London, first-year student, talked about his past and his dreams for the future in front of AUBG Daily.

Anything New After the Cold War?


Harvard program director on Cold War studies debunks the myths around that era for AUBG students.

Perpetual Interests


British interests on the Balkan soil; Dr. Ilko Drenkov explained on Wednesday, November 21, BAC.

Turkish Ambassador Ismail Aramaz on Intercultural Relations

The Ambassador of Turkey to Bulgaria Ismail Aramaz

The Ambassador of Turkey to Bulgaria Ismail Aramaz talked to AUBG-ers about multiculturalism and international conflicts.

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