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3 Minute Bulgaria: The Face Behind the Project

Martin Grahovski; Steliyana Yordanova for AUBG Daily

The creator of the popular 3 Minute Bulgaria project, Martin Grahovski, came to AUBG. Learn more about the project and what inspired it.

The Purple Revolution


The Purple announced they are taking their work in a new direction. Keeping the video format, the club plans to have different content.

The Secrets Behind AUBGTalks


AUBGTalks organized a workshop to shed light on the working process behind producing a successful video material.

Jordan’s Fight Against ISIL


Jordan declares war on ISIL after the death of a Jordanian pilot, who was burned alive.

Conversations in JMC: A Chat With Erik Braund


Erik Braund, a video and music producer, shared his experience on the show business industry in front of AUBGers.

Drinking and Smoking in the New Student Center


Updates on the issue of alcohol and smoking in the new Student Center.

Parkour and Filmmaking – Way of Life


Bulgarian director and producer Andrey Hadjivasilev visits AUBG and talks about the free-run sport parkour and his career in filmmaking.

More Honors 15


The More Honors Academy surprises us again - a show proving infinite skills, creativity and humor!

Winner video of Environmental week contest “I choose a greener tomorrow”


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