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Bentley University Visits AUBG


If you want to pursue your MBA in the United States, you might want to know about a good graduate school in Boston.

What’s New? POS and EUR Department


Are new courses being offered? What is a centre for good governance? What new academic project has been initiated?

Dreams, Pierced on His Skin

Joining the ink family.
Source: Tumblr

Nick Polly (Zvyagintsev) shares the meanings behind his tattoos.

WAT an Adventure


Summer 2015 Work and Travel is approaching. Here's what you need to know about your American adventure.

Professor Castle is Back!


Prof. Castle is back! Read more about him and the changes he sees at AUBG with AUBG Daily!

An Actor Among Us


His name is Plamen Kostov. While working in the U.S. over the summer, he was trying to get an acting role, and he succeeded. Read to learn more!

“Would Barack Obama Save Vladimir Putin if He Discovered Him Drowning?”


President Putin answered questions from the public in an annual live broadcast session on the 17th of April.

AUBG’s New President Vol. 2

The ABF Stuent Center, source: aubg.bg

The new AUBG President will be determined quite soon ! Here is the vision of the second candidate who recently visited our campus.

Anything New After the Cold War?


Harvard program director on Cold War studies debunks the myths around that era for AUBG students.

A Journey to America with Bulgarian Poet Ivan Hristov


Bulgarian poet Ivan Hristov presented his new book "American Poems" to AUBG students.

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