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Getting on the Business Spaceship – Business Week Vol.1 2018

The Universe Passports given to the participents at the workshops, Nicola Smilenov for AUBG Daily

The Business Club changed their routine of having lectures and engaged AUBG students in participating in workshops at the first Business Week for 2018.

Students Experience The Magic of “Swan Lake”

Photo courtesy of: Zaharkin Igor

It is a common misconseption that young people do not care so much about art and culture anymore. AUBG students and faculty have proven this stereotype wrong.

The “Not So” Hidden Gem of Europe: Prague


“The City of One Hundred Spires” or simply Prague.

Rediscover Germany

The Römer, Maria Paskaleva for AUBG Daily

You have not been to Germany and you wonder whether you should go? One of AUBG Daily`s Owls` experience may help you decide.

Exploring Extracurricular Brussels

The Atomium.
Photo is a courtesy of Indira Urazova

Find out how an academic trip can be combined with a memorable tourist experience.

The Travel Life of Dan Fellner


New AUBG professor Dan Fellner has joined the JMC Department in search for yet another memorable story in his repertoire of life adventures.

Horse Riding Club: A New Beginning


The revival of AUBG's Horse Riding Club started with a new president, new organizing team and new activities. Check the details here.

SIFF: Two-Day Journey to the Other Reality


Opinion piece on the Sofia International Film Festival written by Igor Myakotin

Hiking Trip to Big Bear Peak

A moment of rest

AUBG students hike to Macedonia mountain hut and up to the Big Bear Peak

SG participated in ESF in Lithuania


SG members build connections in Lithuania! Senator Ivan Stanchev and Vice president Tim Koroteev participate in the European Student Forum.

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