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Challenging Extremism Course: Making Social Impact from a Classroom


How can a student make a social change while just sitting on their chair at class and actively participating? Find out more about the new Special Topics course Challenging Extremism.

History, Poetry and Something More: Ilko Drenkov


Ilko Drenkov - much more than the Hall Director of Skaptopara II.

Kristiyan Dimitrov – a Student-Teacher


What is it like to experience both sides of the education process - being the student and the teacher? Learn more with AUBG student Kristiyan Dimitrov.

The Path Less Known


Filip Lyapov, class of 2010, shares how he walks the path from AUBG, through Oxford to Teach For Bulgaria.

Feedback Forum Vol. 2


AUBG professors got a feedback on their teaching. Faculty members met a group of students yesterday to discuss teaching qualities and strategies for successful learning.

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