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A Rock Chic Or A Fine Lady? Why Not Both.

Photo credits to Marina Penkova.

Christina Ivanova shows us her favorite items - from a casual leather jacket to Dolce&Gabbana heels.

The Passion of Tango


Professional Tango dancers Alejandro Chavez and Maria Uzunova came to AUBG to share the beauty of tango and their passion for the dance.

Boyish Hair = Feminine Style


Who says boyish haircut can't be feminine?

Two Faces, One Style


They share a room, they share a dream, they share a closet.

COS, INF, Style


Do all girls change the color of their hair alongside with the shifts in their mood ?

Owl in Style


Start the new semester with some freshy-fresh freshman style !

Behind Those Jade Eyes


J is a cool, stylish and excited "freshwoman" who is happy to explore the diversity and spread her stylish self around the AUBG campus. Check her out!

AUBG Has Its Own Eddie Sedgwick


Sometimes nothing is more stylish than short hair combined with some amazing earrings!

Is Blue Lipstick a Taboo?


A girl who collects nail polishes, wears black and blue lipstick and prefers skirts to pants. Meet Luna now, because she is soon to leave AUBG and you don't have much time left.

Sewing is NOT Only for Grannies!


Arts and crafts at AUBG campus. Meet the girl who sews her own clothes and has a unique vintage style.

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