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A Note From AUBG Daily’s President

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The last post for the semester - the traditional "thank you" note from the Daily's president.

Senior Speech: Konstantina Bandutova


Just a day before the commencement, last addresses from future graduates to the Class of 2015. Up next, Konstantina Bandutova.

Senior Speech: Yoana Savova


A senior speech by an ambitious girl, read the speech by Yoana Savova.

Senior Speech: Anastas Pushkarov


Yet another senior speech, this one is by Anastas Pushkarov.

Senior Speech: Ina Gjika


Meet our next speaker Ina Gjika!

Senior Speech: Kristiyan Dimitrov


Our next senior speaker is Kristiyan Dimitrov!

Senior Speech: Timur Huseynov


Before taking a break for the summer, AUBG Daily decided to give graduating seniors a chance for a final address to their class.

The Soccer Gods at AUBG


Find out more about how the final match day at the AUBG Soccer League unfolded.

Spectacular and Educational Black Light Show


 "The Story of Life" Black Light Show gave an outstanding performance that was both entertaining and educational.

More Honors 18


The More Honors Academy presents a new moronish show and gives 13 awards to the nominees plus a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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