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AUBG Scholarship Distribution Insights


How is the allocation of student scholarships from ABF impacting the life of AUBG students? Find out with AUBG Daily

Table Tennis Tournament at AUBG


Residence Life organized a table tennis tournament, which tickled the fancy of 33 AUBGers. Learn more about the tournament and the winners.

The Lark


The beginning acting class performs ''The Lark'' by Jean Anouilh.

Eliminating the Sameness


The Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Phil Miller on the sameness of sports writing and the fun part about it.

Overcome the Fear


A whole course taught in one hour - Prof. Cohen on the fundamentals of public speaking.

President Rosen Plevneliev at AUBG

President Plevneliev giving his speech.

"Who needs to take the initiative? We all."

LipDub Takes AUBG by Storm


The AUBG LipDub is ready and posted!

Tennis Match Results


The results from the tennis exhibition match.

The Twentieth Annual Job & Internship Fair


Twentieth Job & Internship Fair at AUBG.

”The Silk Road” by Dimo Kalaydzhiev


A magnificent journey through photography to some of the most beautiful places along ''The Silk Road''.

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