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StartUP Conference 2017 – Ideas Rearranged

StartUP Conference; Georgi Dobrev for AUBG Daily

StartUp Conference 2017 featured prominent speakers who commented on the hard attainable nature of success and the many failures that accompany it.

StartUp Conference 2016 – a Mix of Entrepreneurship and Enthusiasm

The StartUP team

More than 200 people participated in the fifth annual StartUP Conference in Blagoevgrad, where speakers from different branches shared their experience and wisdom about building a successful startup.

StartUP Organizes Its Fifth Annual Conference

StartUp Team at the end of their last year's conference. Credits to:

More than 300 students are expected to attend the fifth StartUp Conference in Blagoevgrad. Learn more about what to expect from it.

StartUP@Blagoevgrad 2015

Copyright: StartUP@Blagoevgrad

For a fourth consecutive year, StartUP@Blagoevgrad will gather entrepreneurs, investors, students, and ambitious young people at their annual conference.

StartUP@Blagoevgrad 2014

startup cover

The third StartUp conference will take place this weekend ! Entrepreneurship and its real applications in the business world.

OpenCoffee Season Has Officially Started


AUBG participants in the Summer Entrepreneurship Program shared their experience at the first for the semester StartUp OpenCoffee.

Asparuh Koev, Darin Madjarov and Rayko Raykov at StartUp

Darin Madjarov

Elevator pitch explained and put into practice by some of the most successful Bulgarian entrepreneurs on the second day of StartUp.

StartUP@Blagoevgrad 2013 – The Afternoon


Read about the second part of the first day of the StartUp Conference that presented many interesting entrepreneurs.

Justine Toms Presents “The Art of Bootstrapping”


Well-known Bulgarian entrepreneur Justine Toms gave advice on building a successful business on StartUP@Blagoevgrad 2013 Entrepreneurship Conference.



Laid-back discussions about business ideas, venture funding and true inspiration marked the first ever OpenCoffee event of the StartUP@Blagoevgrad.

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