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AUBG Student Hacks

AUBG campus Photo: aubg.bg

AUBG students share their tips and tricks on studying and living in a university.

Improvements on Campus


Expect a new kitchen in Skapto I, a 24-hour quiet hour area in Skapto II, and a fee for the students removed for disciplinary reasons.

Live “Inspired Catharsis for the Open Mind”


Dive in the verbal world of Louis Toussaint which he had been keeping a secret until now.

Residence Life Asks Off-Campus Students to Come Back


Students, who were given permission to live off-campus for medical reasons in previous semesters, were asked to move back to Skapto.

Rise of the Fees: Laundry

Nassya Kralevska, Lectures, Fall 2013, P_by Vesselina Apostolova_4

Another fee at AUBG has risen...What are the reasons; what actions, if any, will be taken?

Thirteen New RAs in Fall 2013


Meet the new resident assistants!

Hunting or Hunted


The on-campus "Survival" game, organized by the AUBG Residence Life, is here for a second round.

Who’s that Girl ???


Skapto has a new resident for two weeks! Who is she? Find out here!

Large Drinks and Empty Bottles – BG Party

bg party

BG party to celebrate Bulgarian Independence Day coming up on Friday, September 22.

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