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SG: For Better or for Worse?


Read and find out more about SG's attempts at a new constitution with AUBG Daily.

Was It About Time SG Had Its Next Power Couple?


First impressions on the newly elected President and Vice-President of the Student Government.

New SG Officials Elected, Two Candidates Disqualified Before the Race

debates 3

The extraordinary SG presidential elections did not go without turmoil as two candidates were disqualified from the race just a day before the vote.

SG Elections 2015 – 2016


Learn about the upcoming SG elections, the candidates, and their goals.

All the President’s Men


After controversies, Mario Grachenov will take the position of SG president for the next academic year.

SG’s Officers Finally Selected


After long, long discussions, who were the chosen officers of the SG?

SG Prospective Senators Debate 2013


Here is a brief overview of what was said and promised at this year's senator pre-election debate.

Student Government Election Debates


Debates gathered all applicants for the SG elections to defend their candidacy in front of a full auditorium on Friday, April 12.

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