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SG: For Better or for Worse?


Read and find out more about SG's attempts at a new constitution with AUBG Daily.

The SG President-less Drama is Finally Over

Credits: Anu Molor

After spending a few troublesome months without a leader, SG officially has Lyuben Popov as the new President for this academic year.

Student Government Senate Race


With the upcoming elections for the Student Government positions of Senators, AUBG Daily checked what the candidates have to say.

Will Hillary Clinton Win the Presidency?


Read about the prospects of Hillary Clinton to become the first woman president in the U.S. with the overview by the POS Club.

Undramatic Elections Lead to Political Deadlock

Ballot Box_istockPhoto_HERO

Midterm elections were held in the United States in order to elect a new House of Representatives. Learn more with the POS Club and AUBG Daily.

SG Prospective Senators Debate 2013


Here is a brief overview of what was said and promised at this year's senator pre-election debate.

Changes in the Student Government


Student Government welcomed a new senator and elected a new treasurer on a meeting held on Wednesday, January 16.

All Student Assembly Not Adjourned


A controversial All Student Assembly ends with no changes to the SG Budget. Missed the assembly and wonder why? Check it out here!

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