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RAs Fall 2017 Edition

Uendi Kacorri / Personal archive

Enthusiastic and impatient about their new positions as resident assistants, the newly selected RAs are introducing themselves.

Storytime with the RAs


The stories to remember as seen through the eyes and heard through the ears of the Skaptopara RAs.

Senior Blitz Vol. 4


Meet another group of graduating seniors who agreed to tell us why they are awesome.

Senior Blitz Vol.2


Three more AUBG seniors answer some tricky questions...

RA Team Reloaded


The new RAs have already been selected. Find out who they are.

It Is Time To Say Goodbye, One Special Senior Blitz

Photo From http://www.clipartpanda.com/

One last time our Senior Blitz is here! Say goodbye with us to the three amazing ladies who led AUBG Daily throughout the last year!

Meet the New RAs


Meet the newly selected Resident Assistants for the fall semester 2015!

The Colors of Early Spring: White and Red

Credits to Tsvetellina Miteva

Martenitsa workshop or how to have fun creating a Bulgarian souvenir.

Meet the New RAs

ra logo

With many of the current RAs graduating,19 new Resident Assistants were chosen to occupy their positions.

Ask the RAs


Resident Assistants answered questions of prospective RAs at "Ask the RAs". Recruitment is officially on !

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