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Migration Crisis and the Future of the EU

Front page of the Commission's white paper abut the future of the EU

Dissolving or coming out stronger from the crisis? The future of the EU is still uncertain. Former EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, former AUBG professor Yavor Siderov, and politician and AUBG EMBA alumnus Dimitar Delchev discuss the future of the EU

Presidential Run-off and The Unsuccessful Referendum

Tsetska Tsacheva and Rumen Radev
Source: http://www.vesti.bg/galerii/foto/prezidentskiiat-debat-cecka-cacheva-i-general-rumen-radev-2907

Find out the outcome of the Bulgarian presidential election and referendum voting from Nov. 6.

GERB Dominates the 2015 Bulgarian Local Elections


The zero sum game of the last Bulgarian local elections broke down the common perception of elections being boring.

Opinion | E-voting in Bulgaria: a Leap in the Dark or a Good Plan?


On Oct. 25 the Bulgarian people will have the chance to decide the fate of the notion of e-voting and determine whether it has future in Bulgaria.

AUBGers on the Ukranian Crisis


Constitution, freedom, human rights and much more in the case of Ukraine vs. Crimea.

Protests Shake Up the Serenity of Blagoevgrad


A series of protests in the Blagoevgrad region and a proposal for a new national referendum take over the news lately.

A Weekly Political Overview Vol. 1


A political overview of the news in Bulgaria over the last week.

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