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Professor Díaz’s Presentation on Pragmatics Evaluation Protocol

Professor Felix Díez | Steliyana Yordanova for AUBG Daily

On Nov. 6, 2018, Professor Felix Díaz presented his collaborative research into pragmatics and its evaluation protocol. Learn more with AUBG Daily. 

Introducing AUBG’s Newest Major – the Psychology Program

Professor Ronald Harvey, Emili Timcheva for AUBG Daily

Professor Harvey and Professor Diaz gave a presentation about the new Psychology program in AUBG. Learn more about it with AUBG Daily.

Beyond the Limit of the Human Mind


Learn more about the new Psychology Club at AUBG and what to expect from it.

Body Image: Individual vs Society

Professor Sean Homer and Dr. Felix Diaz. 
Credits: Ani Devdariani and www.aubg.edu

Is the topic of eating disorders still a taboo? Find out more about Dr. Feliz Diaz's approach to the psychological problematics of body image. How and why does it worry us so much?

Politically Involved Superheroes


Professor Cosmina Tanasoiu talked in front of AUBG-ers about the relationship between superheroes and politics.

Old People Syndrome


An exploration of the seniors psychology and the formation of á new syndrome.

Why Smart People Act Stupid


Professor Steven Sullivan talks about the irrational things rational people do.

Suicide in History


Professor Paolo Bernardini talked about suicide in front of AUBG students as a guest lecturer in the "Distinguished Lectures" series on Monday, September 17.

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