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A Comradeship for a Professor’s Legacy: ABF’s Communist Posters


A temporary or a permanent communist poster exhibition of the late Dr. Cosmina Tanasoiu? Find the answer with AUBG Daily.

President Rosen Plevneliev at AUBG

President Plevneliev giving his speech.

"Who needs to take the initiative? We all."

Guy Fawkes in Blagoevgrad


Remember, remember the 5th of November

The Debate on Smoking in Public – Renewed

Image courtesy of eatock.com.

Independent parliament members and owners of hotels, clubs, and restaurants want to bring smoking back.

Environmental Week 2012 – Excited?


The AUBG Annual Environmental Week officially starts on Sunday, March 25. For the second time, part of its program is the Annual Earth Week Short Film Contest.

“The Right to Choose is a Fundamental Right of Liberty”


Not always words are needed to express the attitude towards an issue. Check out the pictures from the protest and compare students and administration.

SG Tries to Fix Its Own Mistakes


Lack of transparency and information flow between the administration and the students remain the main concerns of most AUBGers.

Anonymous Unleashes Operation ” The Black March”

Image: WEB

Anonymous organization is announcing its new project called ''The Black March''

ACT against ACTA


A second worldwide protest against ACTA to be made on Saturday, Feb. 25. Blagoevgrad also taking part in the initiative this time.

Bulgarians Say NO to ACTA


On Saturday, Feb.11, a protest against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement also known as ACTA took place in Sofia. The event was...

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