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Welcome to Jeopardy!


Welcome to Jeopardy! where professors and students work together and the points actually matter.

Self-Design It!


A recent interview with Dean Miree led to some clarification on the Self-Designed Major and independent study at AUBG.

Remembering 1989: Professors

Berlin wall

AUBG professors shared their memories on the fall of the Berlin wall.

Professor Profile: Bruce Whitfield


He is not only a professor in business law, but he is a fan of swing dancing and motorcycles. Learn more about Prof. Bruce Whitfield.

A Literary Feast


A feast was held to celebrate the re-establishment of the literature major at AUBG, to find out more read the article.

Walk Like a Man


The experience of a guy with a leg injury and his adventures on campus.

Thanksgiving à la AUBG


AUBG celebrated Thanksgiving with a three course dinner.

“Casa Adria” Closes Down

Photo Courtesy of www.visitblagoevgrad.com

Restaurant "Casa Adria", known for its fine dining and professional service, closed down on Friday, October 13.

YEI @AUBG: Mens sana in corpore sano*


Yei AUBG organized their annual football match with lots of pizza, fun and some football involved.

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