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A Comradeship for a Professor’s Legacy: ABF’s Communist Posters


A temporary or a permanent communist poster exhibition of the late Dr. Cosmina Tanasoiu? Find the answer with AUBG Daily.

Exploring Extracurricular Brussels

The Atomium.
Photo is a courtesy of Indira Urazova

Find out how an academic trip can be combined with a memorable tourist experience.

AUBG, If You Love Them, Let Them Go

Gent Carrabregu.
Source: personal archive

The Political Science Department welcomed AUBG alumnus and the new associate professor Gent Carrabregu.

Senior Blitz Vol.3


Once again a couple of amazing seniors shared their thoughts on AUBG and on pretty much everything else!

Senior Blitz Vol.2


Three more awesome seniors took part in our Senior Blitz! Find out who they are and what they said!

Receiving or Rejecting Refugees?


Radostina Pavlova, an alumna from the class of 1999, talked about refugees and immigration issues in Bulgaria.

Learning as Brain-Building


Learn about "The Power of Deep Reading" with an associate professor of political science Ivelin Sardamov.

Meet the New RAs

ra logo

With many of the current RAs graduating,19 new Resident Assistants were chosen to occupy their positions.

The Swiss Referendum on Curbing Immigration – “Too Much Democracy”?

A woman walks past two posters against, left, and in favor, right, of a "stop mass immigration" initiative which will be voted upon on Feb. 9  Photographer: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images

EU values vs. the will of the people. This time on the agenda- Switzerland

Owl in Style


Start the new semester with some freshy-fresh freshman style !

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