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Protesting Russia and the Future of Putin’s Regime


Detaining anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny over the exposing of Russian prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev's personal landowner acquirings and yachts was the latest indicator of the clouded governing Russian policies implemented by Vladimir Putin. Read more about the protests that followed with

“Vault 7”: Wikileaks’ Latest Spread of Classified Documents


Another document data release tells about other methods of surveillance and how technology is utilized for malicious content collection purposes. Find out more on this practice with AUBG Daily

The U.S. Presidential Elections: What Does the Future Hold?


Students and faculty gathered to discuss the political and economic implications of the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Paris Increases Security

Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/in-pictures-attack-leaves-eleven-dead-in-paris/article22329664/

Almost a month after the terror attacks in Paris, the state of emergency continues.

Will Hillary Clinton Win the Presidency?


Read about the prospects of Hillary Clinton to become the first woman president in the U.S. with the overview by the POS Club.

Learning as Brain-Building


Learn about "The Power of Deep Reading" with an associate professor of political science Ivelin Sardamov.

The Celebration of United Europe Began


"The Remembering 1989: 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall" series opened with a documentary screening and an exhibition of propaganda posters.

Media and Conspiracy on the Balkans


Boyko Vassilev, a well-known Bulgarian journalist, producer and TV host, visited AUBG to talk about media and global conspiracies on the Balkans.

A Big Day for Three States


Check out this week's political overview brought to you by The Political Science Club. This week on the agenda: Kosova, Chile and Georgia.

Diplomatic Tensions Grow in Wake of Gridlock, Blunders


Check out this week's political overview brought to you by The Political Science Club. This week on the agenda; US, Netherlands and Russia.

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