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The Real Point of Departure

Tom Phillips; Nicola Smilenov for AUBG Daily

Tom Phillips is an Englishman with love for Bulgarian poetry. Find out more about his story with AUBG Daily.

AUBG Professors’ Reading Habits Vol. 1

Old Books

In need of a book recommendation? Ever wonder what AUBG professors enjoy reading? Find out more about their reading preferences.

History, Poetry and Something More: Ilko Drenkov


Ilko Drenkov - much more than the Hall Director of Skaptopara II.

Live “Inspired Catharsis for the Open Mind”


Dive in the verbal world of Louis Toussaint which he had been keeping a secret until now.

“A Good Poetry Speaks for Itself”


On Jan. 28, the Panitza Library and the AUBG Literary Society presented the poetic journal “Prophetikon” by Prof. Filitsa Mullen.

A Journey to America with Bulgarian Poet Ivan Hristov


Bulgarian poet Ivan Hristov presented his new book "American Poems" to AUBG students.

Ilko Drenkov: Talent in Disguise


“There are young people around, encouraging you to be connected with arts, literature and history”

Georgi Gospodinov on The Physics of Sorrow


Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov visited AUBG on Tuesday, March 12.

Student Faculty Research Conference 2013

Research inside2

Students and faculty will present research papers on the Student Faculty Research Conference in April 2013.

Between Poetry and News


The Bulgarian Poets & Writers Series invited poet and journalist Dimiter Kenarov.

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