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Alumni and the BoT: Months of Turmoil

AUBG is breezed my the wind of changes; Dimitar Bratovanov for AUBG Daily

An AUBG alumni turmoil marked by two petitions, a letter of demands and challenges, allegations of purported financial discrepancies and a subtle conflict with Vice President Alexandrov. Read more about the key moments in the Alumni-BoT disputes with AUBG Daily.

Rise of the Fees: Laundry

Nassya Kralevska, Lectures, Fall 2013, P_by Vesselina Apostolova_4

Another fee at AUBG has risen...What are the reasons; what actions, if any, will be taken?

Protests Shake Up the Serenity of Blagoevgrad


A series of protests in the Blagoevgrad region and a proposal for a new national referendum take over the news lately.

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