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AUBG Musical 2017: “Rock Of Ages”

The Broadway Performance club archive

The Broadway Performance Club celebrated their 10th anniversary by performing "Rock of Ages".

RAs Fall 2017 Edition

Uendi Kacorri / Personal archive

Enthusiastic and impatient about their new positions as resident assistants, the newly selected RAs are introducing themselves.

Riding the Ship Through the Storm – AUBG Speaks in the Light of Changes


The voice of AUBG faculty, students and staff regarding the recent change of AUBG presidency.

The “Not So” Hidden Gem of Europe: Prague


“The City of One Hundred Spires” or simply Prague.

Meet and Greet with Milcho Manchevski


The Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski met with students and faculty for a Q&A session.

Alumna Ready to Conquer Registrar’s Office


Yet another AUBG graduate comes back home to help current students.

New Faculty Vol. 1


Let's give a warm welcome to our new professors!

An Old-New Face


Meet your knew Marketing Research professor.

Printed Pages


Do not forget to log off because a prank might be waiting ...

OCC Strikes Back: A New Information System


A new information system is going to replace the course registration website for the Spring '13 semester registration.

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