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Are you a JMCer?


A JMC information session on internship requirements and Capstone projects was held on Sept. 24, in BAC.

Banter, Beer, Brownies


The Journalism and Mass Communications Department hosted its annual welcome reception this Wednesday, Sept. 17.

New Majors and Minors at AUBG


New majors and minors are to be developed in the next two years at AUBG.

CV Workshops: Practical Tips


Journalism professors giving advice on how to write successful CVs and create professional portfolios.

First SPJ Chapter in Bulgaria opens at AUBG

1012558_665166790191483_439855763_n (1)

The first chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists ever in Bulgaria is now opened at AUBG.

”Welcome Home”


''Welcome Home'' is the final class project of documentary filmmaking students at AUBG. The screening featured enthusiastic audience, participants in the movie and the bussing filmmakers.

Eliminating the Sameness


The Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Phil Miller on the sameness of sports writing and the fun part about it.


SHAA week banner

An opinion piece exploring the reasons for and the aftermath of the Sexual Harassment and Assault Awareness Week organized by SAGE.

JMC Takes a New Turn in Fall 2013


Read all about what both Professor Spirovska and the new Chair of the JMC Department Prof. Gilbert hope to achieve in JMC next year.

JMC Rocks ’10


JMC Rocks celebrated the journalism and mass communication major.

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