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The End of a Fashion Era: Karl Lagerfeld’s Death

fashion show karl

Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion designer, died on Feb. 19, 2019. He had a very vivid life. Learn more about him with AUBG Daily.

A 18-year-old Best-selling Author Who Kindled Bulgarian Poetry Lovers

The Book Cover For Four Brown Eyes; 
Courtesy of Stefan Evtimov

Meet Stefan Evtimov, a 18-year-old Bulgarian author whose first book “Four Brown Eyes” became the best-selling book of poetry by a male author for 2017 within three months

History, Poetry and Something More: Ilko Drenkov


Ilko Drenkov - much more than the Hall Director of Skaptopara II.

True Love Stories


AUBG students witnessed two stories of love which knows no boundaries on a screening, organized by SAGE.

“The Special Need”

The official The Special Need poster

An emotional documentary about a 29 year old autistic virgin who is on a quest to find physical love.

“Stream of Love”

stream of love1

A documentary about lust and intimacy in a small Hungarian village in Transylvania, Romania.

The Great Trembling

Photo Courtesy of www.zdravjivot.org

Spiritualist Georgi Izvorski presented his new book " The Great Trembling" on Monday, October 15th.

“Žižek!” – Philosophizing about the Philosopher


The documentary "Žižek !" aims to provide solid evidence of why Slavoj Žižek is called "an academic rock star".

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