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Literary Trivia Comes Back


A second edition of The Ultimate Book Lover's Challenge provided by AUBG Literary Society.

The Liberal Art of Self Design


How could students benefit from cross-disciplinary education at AUBG?

A Story of Moral Choices


A contemporary Bulgarian writer, Milen Ruskov, shared his thoughts on literature and his most recent novel "Height."

Witch: Demystified

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The history of a witch: Professor Dannie Chalk debunks some of the famous myths about witchcraft in early modern England

A Literary Feast


A feast was held to celebrate the re-establishment of the literature major at AUBG, to find out more read the article.

The Ultimate Book Lover’s Challenge


The ultimate nerd-off for book lovers organized by the AUBG Literary Society!

“The Eyes” of the Noir Master Michael Cohen


Absorb yourself in “tableau of transgression” with Michael Cohen's edgy paperback, The Eyes

New Academic Year, New Chairs


The 2013/2014 academic year started with changes for some of the departments.

The Department Fair


The Department Fair served information about the majors right from the source.

Changes in the Curriculum


Two American Studies courses are to have changes in the prerequisites from the upcoming Fall 2013 semester.

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