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Divorce by (No) Consent


The triad AUBG President-AAA-BoT have now entered a dis-communication medium, a continuation of the ineffective talks between the three shareholders from Spring 17. Find out more with AUBG Daily.

AUBG Spaces – The First AUBG Club to Become a Firm

The co-founders of AUBG  Spaces. Personal archive.

Have you already heard of "AUBG Spaces"? Learn more about their activity and established goals.



The first event of the year to introduce the CSSU and COS department.

An Artist with Style


Meet Ilian Velev, an artist with style.

Pencil Portraits by Edor Kacerja

Shot by Anna Bashuk

He studies COS, INF, and math. At the same time he draws realistic pencil portraits and offers to share his talent with AUBGers. Meet Edor Kacerja!

COS, INF, Style


Do all girls change the color of their hair alongside with the shifts in their mood ?

AUBG Students and DevReach 2012


AUBG students attended the annual IT DevReach conference in Sofia and returned with positive attitudes and greater experience in the field.

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