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Riding the Ship Through the Storm – AUBG Speaks in the Light of Changes


The voice of AUBG faculty, students and staff regarding the recent change of AUBG presidency.

History, Poetry and Something More: Ilko Drenkov


Ilko Drenkov - much more than the Hall Director of Skaptopara II.

Quilling for Valentine’s Day


This year's Valentine's Day card workshop was organized with personal money due to the frozen budgets.

Ilko Drenkov: Talent in Disguise


“There are young people around, encouraging you to be connected with arts, literature and history”

Meet the New RAs


The new RAs are and why there was no application process for the candidates this semester.

The Newest PhD Holder on Campus

3351_73866753303_419553_n - Copy

Skapto 2's Residence Hall Director, Ilko Drenkov, received his PhD in History.

AUBG Alumnus Shot in Sofia

Yordan, Dancho, Dinov  from the "Truth about Dancho Dinov" Facebook page

Yordan (Dancho) Dinov, 39, AUBG alumnus and the Bulgarian representative of the Austrian “Sky Sport 365”, was shot in central Sofia on Wednesday, April 4.

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