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The Movie Industry Comes to AUBG

Nikolai Akimov, Photo Credits: Ralitsa Tsoneva

Everything that I’ve learned, I’ve learned by myself."

”Welcome Home”


''Welcome Home'' is the final class project of documentary filmmaking students at AUBG. The screening featured enthusiastic audience, participants in the movie and the bussing filmmakers.

JMC Takes a New Turn in Fall 2013


Read all about what both Professor Spirovska and the new Chair of the JMC Department Prof. Gilbert hope to achieve in JMC next year.

A One-of-a-kind Experience


Documentary Filmmaking is a must-take course for JMC majors who have genuine passion for telling people's stroies

Professional Cameras for JMC students


Five high quality cameras will be available to JMC students starting Spring 2013 semester.

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