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Brussels Through My Eyes

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The beauty of Brussels through the eyes of an AUBG student.

The SAT Decision Explained Again


Provost Sullivan attended the regular SG meeting for a second time and presented the reasoning behind the decision to remove the SAT requirement on Oct. 22.

AUBG Students Explore Brussels


The EU Lobbying class at AUBG went on a four-day trip to Brussels during the fall break. Learn more about their experience with AUBG Daily.

EU Politician for Five Days


The Model Eurpean Union simulation in Belgrade gathered 200 students from different countries. Read a detailed overview of it by one of our owls!

Cooperation and Security in Southeast Europe


Caretaker Minister of Defense Velizar Shalamanov talked about cooperation in Southeast Europe in front of AUBGers on Sept. 29, 2014.

President Aspegren on AUBG, Blagoevgrad and the Future


President Aspegren talks about recent changes in Blagoevgrad and the town's relationship with AUBG.

The Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU


The ambassador of Greece to Bulgaria outlines the priorities of Greece during its EU presidency.

Sanctions Exchange


The case of Crimea continued. Negotiations, sanctions and much more !

The Apple of Discord


The Crimean referendum - perspectives, threats and analyses !

The Swiss Referendum on Curbing Immigration – “Too Much Democracy”?

A woman walks past two posters against, left, and in favor, right, of a "stop mass immigration" initiative which will be voted upon on Feb. 9  Photographer: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images

EU values vs. the will of the people. This time on the agenda- Switzerland

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