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MultiTalent Quest Chapter II: Going International

AUBG MultiTalent Quest, photo courtesy of https://www.aubg.edu/

On Feb 16-18, AUBG alumni, faculty, staff, and students joined together to host the first international MultiTalent Quest event on campus.

A Different Kind of Students. Who are they?

Classroom sign in the ELI building

Learn what current AUBG students have to say about their experience in the English Language Institute (ELI) program and their life in AUBG during that time.

Local Website Reports a “Love Scandal” at AUBG


An AUBG student fainted and was helped to the hospital by a fellow student; local news website reported a love scandal.

The Creep


To the common eye, he is “that shady werewolf man that floats around Skapto 1”, but when he is at his best, he is “Paperface” or “The Creep”.

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