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A Comradeship for a Professor’s Legacy: ABF’s Communist Posters


A temporary or a permanent communist poster exhibition of the late Dr. Cosmina Tanasoiu? Find the answer with AUBG Daily.

Melody and Mark’s Gap Year

Personal Archive

Melody Gilbert and Mark Wollemann are taking a year off and they will focus on their family, her films, and his writing.

The Story Behind “The Last Black Sea Pirates”


Svetoslav Stoyanov, director of "The Last Black Sea Pirates," shared some insights about his first full-length movie.

“Soul Food Stories”


AUBG Documentary Club presented a kick-off of the season with "Soul Food Stories", a documentary by the Bulgarian director Tonislav Hristov.

ASA Results


This years' ASA meeting was a success for some and failure for others.

The Price of Sex


AUBG Documentary Club screened The Price of Sex by Mimi Chakarova on Monday, Feb. 18.

“Being Ginger” Shows How It Really Feels to Be Different

The Official Poster of the Film

Can hair color shape one’s life? One of the Documentary Club’s screenings tells the touching story of a red-haired man.

Film and Cocktails


British filmmaker, John Burgan comes to AUBG to talk about his documentaries and screen shorts made by students of Newport Film School.

Everyday Sunshine:The Story of Fishbone


“Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone” - a documentary about a band that brought music and funk to a different level, screened at AUBG.

16th Sofia International Film Fest

Central Military Club, Sofia, Bulgaria

Documentary filmmaker and professor Melody Gilbert screened at the Sofia International Film Fest along with the Bulgarian documentary producer Martichka Bozhilova.

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