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The Hungry Griffin Changes Overhaul


The Dining Services welcome the Spring 2017 semester by introducing several changes to the Hungry Griffin and the AUBG cafe.

Dining Services Staff Will Not Change, but Food Quality Might

Dimitar Bratovanov for AUBG Daily

The rumor that the dining services at AUBG will be outsourced is groundless. President Kulinski explains why.

Comments on the Canteen and the Increase in the Meal Plan

Photo: www.aubg. edu

AUBG Daily sheds light on past, present, and future problems of the dining services at AUBG.

Bon Appétit Cooking Club Organized the Fourth Christmas Bazaar


The fourth annual Christmas bazaar at AUBG came back in town for yet another year.

AUBG Card System: What Is the Problem?

card problem pic 3

The AUBG One Card System has been creating problems for students and staff since the end of the Spring 2015 semester.

YES WE CAN ! Can we ?


Dining Services and the budget deficit revisited - challenges and options for the future of the Canteen?

AUBG Prospective President Vol. 3


Mr. Alan Walker and his wife visited AUBG - will they be our new presidential couple ?

Students vs the Dining Services


Are we caught in a vicious circle of never-ending complaints, or is there an actual problem with our dining services?

Q& A on the Student Report to the BoT

source: blagoevgrad.eu

The time for submitting the first Report to the Board of Trustees (BoT) is approaching. By the end of the month students should be ready with their demands, concerns and suggestions. Here is a summary of the Board Book from

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